Teen Patti Jili Free Play

Jili Teen Patti
Jili Teen Patti
  • Type: Table and Card
  • Publish Time: 2020.11
  • Max Win: 4x
  • Paylines: 0
  • Special Features: Classic Indian Poker Game

Teen Patti Introduction

Teen Patti is the classic Indian poker game that turns three cards into a beacon of hope and a whirlwind of excitement. Now, you can play this game online everywhere without finding an Indian friend to play together. Hailed as India’s most beloved card game, Teen Patti invites all players to assemble luck and strategy to victory. Don’t mind the cards in hand in each single round, every round is a new opportunity, a new chance to win real money. And with the Indian version of Fried Golden Flower, the stakes are high. Here, three well-played cards could multiply your stake by a staggering thousand times, turning the quest for the jackpot into an electrifying pursuit. Teen Patti promises a gaming experience filled with anticipation and the alluring promise of riches.

Jili Free Play | Teen Patti

Please use PC to play at Demo mode. Or turn your phone to landscape for a better gaming experience.

How to Play?

  • Deal:
  1. All players get three cards after put entry fees on the pot.
  • Call and Raise:
  1. Player can take call and raise, or take blind with no read. (Max up to take 4 times blind in one game.)
  2. Player can call, raise or show during the calling process.
  3. After exceeding the spread limit, player can only take call but cannot raise, the bet amounts on the pot reach the pot limit will be forced to open hands
  • Show:
  1. Player can show with the opponent on the left only during the calling process. If three or more players in the same game that the opponent can choose whether to agree to show.
  2. Blind player apply for show must be only two players in the game, otherwise not.
  3. If someone player loses in the show then fold, the rest players should keep call or raise process. 4.|f the hands are equal in a show (or a sideshow), the player who asked for a show (or a sideshow) must fold.
  • Bonus:
  1. The bet amounts on the pot reach 1024 multipliers will be forced to open hands.
  2. If only last one player does not fold that wins and not open required.
  3. Winner depends on hand-ranking categories after open.
  • Rewards:
  1. Rewards = Total Bet + ( Loser’s Total Bet x 0.95 )
  2. When multiple players win: Prize/each winner = Total Bet + [ ( Loser’s Total Bet / Winners ) x 0.95 ]
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