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Fa Chai Super Color Game
Fa Chai Super Color Game
  • Type: Arcade
  • RTP:96.5%
  • Max Multiplier: 20x
  • Publish Time: 2023/01/11
  • Paylines: None
  • Special Features: Bonus Game

Super Color Game Introduction

Dive into the vibrant treasure trove of dice, where every roll of the dice unlocks a cascade of colors and combinations for jackpots. Embark on this exciting journey! You’ll discover the exclusive Super Pay Multiplier, a unique add-on feature that amplifies the rewards you earn up to 20x! Through 100% random selection, we ensure that every roll is full of joy and surprise, making every moment you win a prize joyful. Immerse yourself in this kaleidoscope of fun and adventure and come experience SUPER COLOR GAME!

Super Color Game | Fa Chai Perya Game

Please use PC to play demo mode at Fa Chai Games Site. Or turn your phone to landscape for a better gaming experience.

Free Super Color Game is only for players in the Philippines.

How To Play? Easy Guide!

Game Mode

  1. The game is played with dice consisting of 6 colors.
  2. During the betting time, players can replace bets on multiple color blocks, and the upper limit for a bet on a single block cannot be higher than the maximum betting limit.
  3. After the betting time is over, three 6-sided dice will be thrown and the odds will be calculated according to the color of the dice facing up after it has been rolled.

If any game result can’t be determined due to any failure, the game will not hold.


  • The odds are calculated according to the number of landed colors.


  • After bets are closed and before the round begins, paytable will have a chance to randomly trigger the SUPER PAY feature, which will increase the maximum payout to 20x.
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