Secret Treasure Jili Free Play

Jili Fishing Secret Treasure
Jili Fishing Secret Treasure
  • Type: Fishing
  • Publish Time: 2021.04
  • Highest Multiplier: 1500X
  • Paylines: 0
  • Special Features: Bonus Game, Free Game

Secret Treasure Game Introduction

Venture into the enigmatic depths of a long-lost tomb with “Secret Treasure” by Jili Games, where mysteries and wealth lie shrouded in the sands of time. What secrets do these ancient walls hold? What glittering riches are waiting to be uncovered? The anticipation is palpable, and the adventure is yours for the taking. To unlock the riches within, simply tap or smash the slate that stands between you and fortune, guiding the treasure chest to its rightful place and claiming the bounty it holds. Within this cryptic room, every move might multiply your spoils or grant you passage into the inner sanctum, where you can seek out the ultimate prize—a hidden treasure with the power to amplify your stake by an astonishing 1000 times! Don’t let history’s greatest riches slip through your fingers. Come, explore, and let the treasure hunt begin!

How To Play Secret Treasure Slot Fishing Games?

  1. Tap Start to enter the game. Destroy towers to drop the monsters and win prize money. (The tower damage effect corresponds to the number of bullets used and does not affect the actual hit rate).
  2. Winning score = bets X monster payout odds.
  3. Each monster has different payout odds. Player can also win extra bonus effects.
  4. Use the “Next” button to select target to attack!
  5. If the game result cannot be determined due to malfunctioning, the game round will be invalid!

Jili Free Play | Secret Treasure

Please use PC to play Secret Treasure at Demo mode. Or turn your phone to landscape for a better gaming experience.

Free Game and Bonus

If win the three kinds of Treasure Chest, Regular, Golden or Special, which has chance to obtain.
There are 2 different Totem effects.

Totem Effect

Golden Treasure Chest
  • Chance to show up by Golden Treasure Chest , and will trigger Free Game : Test of Courage.
Special Treasure Chest
  • Chance to show up by Special Treasure Chest and Bonus Game: Test of Wisdom and will trigger Golden.
Free Game : Test of Courage
  • Win the img will trigger Free Game : Test of Courage.
  • Summon Hammer of Thunder with 6 Free Rounds.
  • Hammer of Thunder will attack all of the Flagstones.
  • Crush the Flagstone will win the rewards.
  • Crush the Golden Flagstone will accumulate 1 Free Round, but without rewards.
  • If numbers of spin is 0 that will supplement the “Rounds” to Free Spin, and increase 1 multiplier.
  • If crush 20 Golden Flagstones accumulated that will have a highly-chance to trigger “Mega Crush” to destroy all Flagstones on the board next Spin. Repeatable triggered !
  • Free Game : Test of Courage will end when “Free Spins” and “Rounds” both are ZERO.
  • Bet changed and Target changes are not allowed in Free Game : Test of Courage.
Bonus Game : Test of Wisdom
  1. Win the img will trigger Bonus Game : Test of Wisdom.
  2. Trigger Test of Wisdom will win the treasure in the Secret Tomb.
  3. Select one of three dolls to crush and win the rewards randomly!
  4. If randomly win the rewards multiplied by 1, 3, or 5, that will explore continued.
  5. Randomly get multipliers by wheel in each Spin will make winnings increased!
  6. Crush the doll without winnings will ended.
  7. If wins the rewards in every Spin that will continue to explore, unlimited Free Spin!


  • Win the rewards by Treasure Chest have chance to gain extra multiplied byX2, X5 or X8!

Special Treasure Chest

Special Treasure Chest
  1. Have chances to gain the img in each win of Main Game.
  2. Collect 3 img to summon Special Treasure Chest.
  3. Totem Effect of Special Treasure Chest will correspond to Paytable.
  4. Effect 1 : Trigger Bonus Game : Test of Wisdom, and winnings multiplied by 5.
  5. Effect 2 :Trigger Bonus Game : Test of Wisdom, and winnings multiplied by 10.

Storm Mode

Storm Mode
  1. Storm mode need to spend three times the bet in Main Game.
  2. Storm Mode will significantly increase the winning chances
  3. Bet changed is allowed during betting.
  4. Both unable in the Free Game : Test of Courage and Bonus Game : Test of Wisdom.
  5. Storm Mode Winnings = Bet x Odds of Chest / 3 .
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