Royal Fishing Jili Free Play

Jili Royal Fishing
Jili Royal Fishing
  • Type: Fishing
  • Publish Time: 2019
  • Highest Multiplier: –
  • Paylines: 0
  • Special Features: Sea King, Money Dragon King

Royal Fishing Game Introduction

Dive into the exciting world of “Royal Fishing” by Jili Games, the perfect fishing machine for beginners eager to test their skills with a variety of gaming options. In this engaging game, every shot you fire doesn’t just aim to catch; it also builds up energy. Once your energy bar is full, you can publish a spectacular full-screen attack that sweeps the ocean clean. It offers a wide array of BOSS characters to select. Each boss has its own unique challenges and the potential to yield substantial rewards.

The peak of excitement reaches when you face the final boss, the Money Dragon King. Defeating this ultimate BOSS could trigger the multiplier wheel. It will dramatically increase your winning bonus with multipliers up to a staggering 350X!

Step up to the challenge, select your target, and you might just land a colossal prize. We invites players of all skill levels to join in the fun, offering simple mechanics with deep and rewarding gameplay.

Jili Free Play | Royal Fishing

Please use PC to play Royal Fishing at Demo mode. Or turn your phone to landscape for a better gaming experience.

Special Features

  • The magnificent appearance of the awakened Sea King, catch fish to win rewards!
  • The immortal Sea King goes wild with jackpots!
  • Money Dragon King’s wheel multiplies and multiplies again!

Special Fish

  • Drill bit Lobster 20 – 80x:
    After shooting the drill, it goes through the fish, and finally the drill bit will self-explode, providing a chance to capture the fish in the explosion range.
  • Thunderbolt Lobster free bullets 15 sec:
    Starting 15-second free play, and switching to Thunderbolt Turret for automatic shooting. There is a chance to get extra seconds in the process.
  • Thunderbolt Consecutive Hit 60x:
    It causes chain lightning and shocks the nearby fish until it turns off the targeting.
  • Serial Bomb Crab 70x:
    It causes a large-scale multiple explosion and has the opportunity to capture fish within the explosion range.

Immortal Boss

  • Golden Toad 50-120x & Ancient Crocodile:
    When the immortal boss appears on the court, the player has the opportunity to win the prize continuously until the boss leaves.

Awaken Boss

  • Ice Phoenix:
    Basic multiplier is 30. Power up attack 6x – 10x, reward up to 300 times
    After killing types of Bosses, it can cause Awakening Attack, and have a chance to receive a big win.

Chain Long King Wheel

  • When the player captures the ChainLong King, it will trigger the wheel. The player can select the pointer to stop the time Multiply the number of the outer circle and the inner circle to see the multiplier rate. The maximum is 350 times.

Summon dragon wrath (Limited to Regal Hall & Qian Long Hall)

  1. When the player shoots, he will accumulate wrath value. After the value is full, click the button to summon the Dragon Wrath, causing a large-range meteorite attack in the center of the screen.
  2. The wrath value bar will be converted based on the proportion of the bet, the released skill is based on the current bet, the accumulated wrath value is emptied out after the release has ended.
  3. 3 minutes after the player leaves the game or disconnects from the game, the anger will be cleared.
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