Perya Games Online in Philippines

Our Perya Games refer to a variety of carnival-like games that you might find at Perya in the Philippines. These games have become more and more popular online, providing the excitement and fun of the perya in a digital form. Here is an overview of some of the online adaptations of these games.

For example, online color game is a simple betting game where you bet on the outcome of colored dices. The way you bet is similar to roulette but with fewer choices. Players can choose one or more colors. If the color on the upper side of the dice is the same as your selection, you win real money.

Top Perya Games List

Fa Chai Super Color Game
Fa Chai Lightning Bomb

Digital versions of classic carnival games like shooting galleries, toss games, bingo and more. They are designed to replicate the experience of being at a perya, complete with colorful graphics and festive music.

If Play Casino Games at Online Perya...

There are various forms of online slots at our Online Casino to suit every players’ preferences. Here is an overview list of the most common types for you:

Multiplayer Options

Our online platform allows you to play with or against other players.


Compete for high scores or best times and see how you rank against other players

Rewards and Prizes

Virtual or real rewards may be offered for winning games or achieving certain milestones.

Online Perya provides players with the convenience of enjoying the festive atmosphere and fun of Philippine fairground games from the comfort of their own homes or on the go with mobile device. As with any online gambling or betting game, it’s important for players to engage responsibly.