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When it comes to online slot machine, the first thought must be Jili Slot or Fa Chai Slot. Here, we only work with our trusted game providers, developing lots of exciting types of slot games that meet players of all preferences. From classic topics to novel innovations, you can find our online slot games go beyond many other features and types that guarantee an immersive and rewarding gaming experience.

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Jili Super Ace

Jili Games - Top 1 Online Slot Games​

Since its founding in 2016, Jili Games has become known for its commitment to quality and innovation. It has jumped up to the bustling world of online gaming. The company expanded rapidly in Asia because of its good reputation. In recent years, they become Top after publishing online slot machine games! There are also well-known fishing games and classic table games like poker and bingo. Their gaming products are not only loved for their entertainment value, but also praised for their reliable and fair gameplay.

Jili Try Out or Jili Free Play

Jili Games offers slot game players a free trial! Experience Jili’s games through “Jili Try Out” or “Jili Free Play”. Players can test each game without identity verification and financial commitment. The “Jili Free Play” mode is the same as the normal mode and provides a complete experience, including bonus rounds and special features. Notably, there is no need to pay real money. This approach can build player confidence. Also, it is able to increase familiarity with the dynamics of the slot game. It’s a great choice for players looking to improve their strategy or just have fun. When players are ready to win big, the first choice is always Jili Slots.

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Types of Slot Games

There are various forms of online slots at our Online Casino to suit every players’ preferences. Here is an overview list of the most common types for you:

Classic Slots

Also called Three Reel Slots, classic slot is the most traditional type which is similar to the original slot machines. The symbols are mainly fruits, bars, 7-7-7, and bells. Typically, classic slots have only one payline.

Video Slots

Video Slots, or Five Reel Slots, are the most common slot type at online casino currently. They feature more detailed themes with graphics and animations, include multiple paylines that provide more ways to win. Usually come with bonuses such as free spins, mini games, and special symbols (wilds and scatters).

Progressive Slots

A portion of each bet is added to a jackpot pool that continues to grow until someone wins it all. Life-changing amounts of money is often millions of dollars. The jackpots can be local to the machine, casino, or casino network.

Mega Spin Slots

This allows players to play multiple sets of reels at once, all within the same game screen. Players can simultaneously spin the reels of several games, increasing the chance of a win on each spin.

Mobile Slots

Mobile slots are designed for playing on mobile devices. These types are optimized for mobile user interfaces and touch screen controls.

3D Slots

Featuring advanced 3D graphics for an immersive gaming experience. There are usually detailed storylines and characters and further enhanced with special effects.


Can’t. Since Jili Free Games is a demo mode specially provided for practice and fun. Therefore, you cannot win real money. All starting money and bonuses are virtual. On the bright side, this allows you to experience the excitement of the game without taking any actual financial risk.

Usually yes. most Jili slot games are available in a free play mode. However, some new or special features may not show in free play options. After releasing for a while, we will update as soon as possible.

At our website, no. You can play Jili for free without registering or login. You can start playing by clicking “Play”. However, some other platforms may require registration to access free demos.

Won’t. When logging into an online casino and starting a real money game, the free game mode does not affect the randomness or results of the game. Both modes use the same underlying software algorithm to ensure fairness and randomness in game results.

Jili free play mode has no time limit. You can try as many games as you want. This unlimited access is great for getting familiar with the game before betting real money.