Happy Fishing Jili Free Play

Jili Happy Fishing
Jili Happy Fishing
  • Type: Fishing
  • Publish Time: 2021.03
  • Max Win: 950x
  • Paylines: 0
  • Special Features: Special Octopus Wheel

Happy Fishing Game Introduction

Swim in the delightfully smooth underwater world of “Happy Fishing” by Jili Games. An ocean of special fish with functionalities awaits to enhance your fishing experience. As you shuttle these vibrant fishing grounds, keep an eye out for the elusive Gem Turtle. It could bring you an 8x Super Prize!

The excitement doesn’t stop there. Engage in a thrilling battle with the Mega Octopus to open the bonus wheel. With a bit of luck and skill, you can evolve this wheel into a golden one, make multipliers that soar up to x950!

We offer a simple, enjoyable, and rewarding fishing adventure, making it perfect for anyone looking to reel in some fun along with plentiful rewards. So grab your virtual fishing rod and get ready for some happy trip!

Jili Free Play | Happy Fishing

Please use PC to play at Demo mode. Or turn your phone to landscape for a better gaming experience.

Special Fish

  • Starfish: Upon death, creates a whirlpool around itself, with a chance to kill fish caught inside.
  • Bomb Crab: Upon death, 3 bombs onto the stage, with a chance to kill fish caught in the explosions.
  • Drill Crab: Upon death, drops an aim-able drill on the stage. The drill will bounce around and explode at the end, with a chance to kill fish caught in its path and final blast.

Special Weapon – Torpedo

  • Firing torpedoes costs 6x the betting amount, but offers a higher chance of killing the fish.

Giant Prize Fish (Have a chance to win 5x super prize)

  • After Special fish been killed, players can win consecutively and will have a chance to win 5 times winning.

Immortal Boss

  • When the Immortal Boss is on the stage, you can continuously win rewards by attacking it until it leaves.

Mega Octopus Wheel

  1. After the octopus has been killed, you will have a chance to spin the wheel.
  2. You immediately gain the multiplier shown when the wheel stops spinning.
  3. If you land, you will have a chance to spin the GOLDEN WHEEL. with a chance to win up to 950x multiplier!

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