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Fa Chai Go Go Rise
Fa Chai Go Go Rise
  • Type: Arcade
  • RTP:97%
  • Max Multiplier: 500x
  • Publish Time: 2023/12/27
  • Paylines: None
  • Special Features: None

Go Go Rise Introduction

In the vast starry sky and universe, there are countless treasures which are waiting for us to discover and collect, but it always comes with many unknown challenges. It’s like a great adventure waiting for you! Imagine that you are going to launch into the depths of space on a powerful rocket for a chance to win prizes worth 500 times! Yes, it’s not easy, but the rewards are worth it! You will need to overcome some obstacles to win it all. Only the most determined players will become the legendary greats who conquer GoGoRise. So, are you ready to start an award-winning journey into space?

Go Go Rise | Free Fa Chai Arcade Game

Please use PC to play Demo mode at Fa Chai Games Site. Or turn your phone to landscape for a better gaming experience.

Free for players in the Philippines.

How To Play Go Go Rise?

Game Rules

GoGoRise is a simple and exciting Crash Game. As the rocket rises, so do the winning odds, the higher it flies, the more you win;At the end of the galaxy, there are up to 500x prizes! 

Manual Setting
  • Step1.
    There is a 7-second countdown in every game, after the countdown, the rocket will be launched. Before the rocket launches, use the dashboard to place your bet, you can also choose to spread your risk by betting with 2 dashboards.
  • Step2.
    After the rocket launches, the betting odds will gradually increase from 1.00x, you have to claim your prize before the rocket crashes. You can choose cashout or 50% cashout.

(Note, The game will end when the rocket crashes, any unclaimed prizes will disappear)

Auto Setting

In GoGoRise, you can use the Auto Setting to help you place a bet and claim prizes.

  • Click on Auto Setting on the screen (Auto Setting may be used on both dashboards), there are 3 sanctions in Auto Setting:
    1. Round:Set the number of rounds you wish to play in Auto Setting.
    2. Cashout:Automatic reward multiplier
    3. 50% Cashout:50% Cashout automatic reward multiplier.

You need to turn on the switch after setting to successfully activate the Auto Setting function.
After it is successfully activated, your winnings will be automatically paid out when your bet reaches the multiplier you’ve set.
If you need to stop Auto Setting, you need to manually turn off Auto Setting.

  • Note:
  1. If a Crash occurs at 1.00x, all the bets will be lost automatically.
  2. After the end of each game, a new game will begin automatically, you need to place your bets before the countdown sequence ends, to bet successfully.
    If you fail to place your bet before the countdown ends, your current bet settings will be retained (no bet amount will be deducted from this game), and a bet will be placed automatically before the countdown sequence of the next game ends.
  3. Manual Setting will be canceled after every game, you need to replace your bets.
  4. When claim and explosion appears at the same time, the player will acquire the multiplier reward when claiming.
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