Crazy Hunter Jili Free Play

Jili Fishing Crazy Hunter
Jili Fishing Crazy Hunter
  • Type: Fishing
  • Publish Time: 2023.12
  • Highest Multiplier: 2000X
  • Paylines: 0
  • Special Features: Ice Dragon, Golden Pigs, Gold Treasure Hold

Crazy Hunter Game Introduction

Crazy Hunter by Jili Games, where your aim could unearth riches beyond measure. In this kingdom, you are the hunter. A sea of monsters awaits, each guarding treasures untold. Keep your eyes peeled for the coveted treasure box. Within its depths lies the chance to multiply your stake by up to 2000x, or perhaps you’ll find the gateway to the golden treasure hole, where even greater fortunes await.

Your heartbeat will speed up as you confront the formidable Ice Dragon Boss in its icy lair. Go through a perilous barrage of ice, all while the promise of soaring multipliers dangles within reach, each one capable of catapulting your winnings to dizzying heights. It is designed for accessibility, inviting you to pick your monster and take your shot.

The enigmatic treasure chest stands as your portal to prosperity, offering a shot at a 1000x bonus. Or dare to trail the Ice Dragon Boss into its cavernous hideout, where treasure and danger go hand in hand, and the allure of massive bonuses is as real as the threat of the dragon’s chilling wrath. Ready for a gaming odyssey? Grab your weapon and join the frenzy of Crazy Hunter, where victory is a well-aimed shot away!

How To Play Crazy Hunter Slot Fishing Games?

  1. Tap Start to enter the game. Destroy towers to drop the monsters and win prize money. (The tower damage effect corresponds to the number of bullets used and does not affect the actual hit rate).
  2. Winning score = bets X monster payout odds.
  3. Each monster has different payout odds. Player can also win extra bonus effects.
  4. Use the “Next” button to select target to attack!
  5. If the game result cannot be determined due to malfunctioning, the game round will be invalid!

Jili Free Play | Crazy Hunter

Please use PC to play Crazy Hunter at Demo mode. Or turn your phone to landscape for a better gaming experience.

Game Features and Bonus

Multiplier prize

  • Destroy towers for a chance to win X2, X3 or X5 multiplier!
  • Destroy towers for a chance to win 5X~15X img!

Ice of Trials

  1. Kill monsters in normal games for a chance to trigger Ice of Trials.
  2. In the Ice Dragon Trial challenge, you have a limited shooting time of 60 seconds. The Ice Dragon will leave the scene when the time is up.
  3. An Ice Pillar of any color will randomly drop during the Ice Dragon field.
  • img – X1~X3
  • img – X2~X7
  • img – X5~X15

Gold Treasure Hold

  1. Player who kills img has a chance to get img and enter the Gold Treasure Hold.
  2. In the Gold Treasure Hold, player can get 5 base free rounds. Player can also win extra [Free Rounds] in the process, up to 10 rounds. The game will end when the remaining rounds reaches 0.
  3. After the player enters the Treasure Vault and uses [Powerful Scatter Gun Turret], it will automatically attack all monsters on the field.
  4. Kill monsters for a chance to get img; use Soul Crystals to hit the multiplier towers for a chance to increase multiplier, up to 10X, which is added to the total score during tallying.
  5. In the Gold Treasure Hold, player cannot switch bets or give up targets.

Free Golden Boar Game

Free Golden Boar Game
  1. Kill monsters in normal games for a chance to trigger [Golden Boar Game]. (Golden Treasure Trove and Ice Dragon Trial cannot trigger this feature).
  2. In a Golden Boar Game, player can get [Freeimg]. Destroy the Golden Boar to win big prizes.
  3. During a Golden Boar Game, player cannot switch bets or give up targets!

Function Monsters

  1. Kill img in normal game for a chance to trigger [Bomb Attack].
  2. Please refer to the Payout Table for details; up to 40X.
  3. Kill img in normal game for a chance to trigger [Whole Field Fireball Attack].
  4. Get Fire Crystal img and kill monsters with fireballs for a chance to win img. Crash the Fire Crystals for a chance to win X2, X3 or X5 multipliers, which will be added to the total score during tallying.

Cannon Mode

Cannon Mode
  1. Use 3X bets amount to turn on the Cannon Mode during normal games or Ice Dragon Trials.
  2. There is a chance to trigger a stray shot, randomly attacking one of the side targets adjacent to the main target.
  3. Cannon Mode can significantly increases winning rate!
  4. Player can switch bet amounts and betting modes freely during the game.
  5. The cannon cannot be used in the Golden Pig Game or the Golden Treasure Trove..
  6. Scoring for Cannon Mode = bets X monster payout odds/3.

Free Mayhem Missile

Free Mayhem Missile
  1. Fire shots to gain Energy. When Energy is full, click the Energy button img to fire five Mayhem Missiles at the targets on the board or at the Ice Dragon.
  2. The amount of Energy you earn when firing missiles scales with the amount of your current bets. After firing Mayhem Missiles, your Energy is reset.
  3. Your Energy is reset 24 hours after you leave the game or disconnect from the game.
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